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What are the best ways for ELL students to learn English without studying abroad?

How can we help children enjoy their English learning including reading, speaking and thinking in English?
It’s something LANGUAGE WORLD thinks about every day.

Everyone at LANGUAGE WORLD is passionate not only about engaging all ELL students with excellent books for English language learning, but also about introducing proper teaching methods for teachers and parents. We are willing to be the guide for everyone who is making the long journey of English Learning whatever his/her English level and ability is. We believe our passion and efforts make us one of the largest ELT (English Language Teaching) publishers in Korea.

When we develop programs, we put students at the heart of everything we do by working closely with teachers and educators, and by listening to our customers through the open seminars and many educational sessions we hold, learning what our students really need.

LANGUAGE WORLD is part of E*public Group. Founded in 1955, it is the prominent ELT company in Korea. LANGUAGE WORLD started in 2000 as the specialized company in the US Basal programs. Literacy Place published by Scholastic was the first basal program which was introduced by LANGUAGE WORLD. It was a kind of turning page in English language education. In 2007, we celebrated the Sales Achievement of 1 Million Copies of Literacy Place in Korea. Also we are at the cutting edge of the basal program market by being the exclusive distributor of Harcourt Trophies since 2007.

LANGUAGE WORLD became the exclusive distributor of Magic Tree House by Random House, the bestseller of children’s books, and has been making a ceaseless effort to broaden the reading book market. We develop the audios and workbooks for young readers. It means that the simple trade books read for reading fun became to have another role as the study materials. Children who study with the reading books provided by LANGUAGE WORLD can catch two pigeons with one bean: fun and English.

In 2008 LANGUAGE WORLD started a new venture with picture books. We developed the Hybrid CD for fun learning of English. It is the progressed concept of CD-ROMs. Children can learn English in diverse ways with more fun.

Aside from the basal programs and reading materials, LANGUAGE WORLD has licensed the great contents from the leading publishers and made ELT books for ELL students. Some titles were re-sold to the US. And we are developing the ELT books with our own contents as well. Now we are trying to export our books to EFL countries.

LANGUAGE WORLD is making a constant effort to be the guide for teachers and parents. We open the specialist Course regularly for English teachers. At the same time the open seminars for parents are held over 100 times every year. Our consultants provide the high-quality sessions with updated educational information. The seminars of LANGUAGE WORLD have emerged as a gateway to successful English educators.

In 2009 LANGUAGE WORLD is expanding the business area to kindergarten market and e-learning. We will continuously conceive what we can do for our students and present lots of good programs for ELLs. We hope you all enjoy our new future steps with us!